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Lauren's Journal


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Nipple Jesus

story summary

I thought the story, Nipple Jesus gave a good perspective of some one who is not too familiar with contemporary art or any art for that matter. I thought it was a good example of what the average Joe might have thought after seeing the Nipple Jesus. I actually think that a non-artist opinion about art is sometimes more honest than some one who deals with art around the clock.
The main character doesnt seem to think much of the whole gallery experience. He describes how hum drum all galleries seem to be and how they all look the same. I can see where he is coming from in a way. A lot of modern galleries do look very similar in color, where the pieces are hung, and small crowds moving and staring, moving and staring. But if he actually took the time to observe all of the different gallerys architecture and took the time to gaze at the artwork with an open mind, then he would surely realize that every gallery is unique. I dont mind a little cynicism but there comes a time to draw the line and be open minded about things you are not familiar with.