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Lauren's Journal


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book summary

Lolita is one of those novels that seem to be a little controversial no matter what decade you read it in. It wasnt a bad book to say the least but I must say, I felt a little uncomfortable. In this day in age, a man who is infatuated and even in love with girls at the age of seven, would generally be considered sleazy, a child molester, etc. This book was written in the 50s and I can only imagine what kind of reactions it might have caused back then. For as most of us know, the 50s was the age of doo-wop, and also an extremely conservative time. I mean cmon, they wouldnt even show Elvis below the waist on television.
I did admire how the author explained his subconscious thoughts. Sexual fantasies are usually very private thoughts that are contained in the minds of any given person. Well, in this novel, the author sort of forces his fantasies and desires onto the reader. That is why I felt a little strange reading how a man in the prime of his life thinks about small girls in a very sexual way. It kind of made me wonder if men looked at me that way when I was little, and vulnerable. But on the other hand, it is the nature of the beast. It actually is very normal for human beings to think about sex on a daily basis. Subjects such as the one in this book though are not taken lightly in most cases.
This novel is basically about a man who marries a woman because he is in love with her young daughter. I can see how an instinctually driven man craves sex with a little girl, but to basically use another woman to get to her is in my mind, very wrong. I guess I would rate this book, a 6, simply because of the content. It isnt something I enjoy reading about. I go for more whimsical and adventurous texts.